Pall bearers with coffinMany people are making funeral arrangements in advance because of the enormous benefits. There is peace of mind knowing that the details have been taken care of without burdening their children or other family members. It is much easier to make the necessary decisions without the emotions that consume grieving family members at the time of a death.

Arrangements can be either funded or non-funded. We can meet with families in the comfort of their homes or at one of our offices. With no obligation or expense, we can put the necessary information on file so that your wishes are available to the funeral director when the time comes. To see what type of information will be necessary or to start a file without meeting with a funeral director, click to ourĀ How to Prearrange Your Funeral Form.

Prefunding your preplanned funeral can be an excellent option in many circumstances. Prepayment guarantees against the rising costs of inflation. Also, prefunding is beneficial for families that may be facing the expenses of long-term nursing care and need to qualify for government assistance, such as Medicaid.

At Mealey Funeral Homes, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all the best preneed insurance, trust, and banking options to insure that our clients receive the absolute best coverage and payments options for each particular circumstance.

The National Funeral Directors Association has a recent campaign to encourage people to speak with their family members about life experiences and the future decisions that will eventually touch everyone from family through friends. See their promotional video below.

For other preplanning arrangements for wills, power of attorney, insurance beneficiaries, etc., visitĀ It is a comprehensive website for all legal documents pertaining to final arrangements.